About us

Our mission

We wanted to help bring a software which is easy to use and guides its users from the beginning all the way to the end, to ensure that they get the best performance possible out of their Windows System.

This PC Optimizer was made to show people that getting good performance doesn't necessarily have to be very expensive, and rather can be done through a click of a button!


Rahul's PC Optimizer was made by Rahul Bammidi, currently a high schooler, who started this software as a fun project, and soon realized that he could use his technological skills and knowledge, as well as his quick learning to develop a brand new and simple program to help improve Windows OS performance worldwide!

He is currently working on another brand new program, with a new and aesthetic UI, as well as never seen before optimizations!


Now we do understand that a lot of people have been through countless google searches, and YouTube videos on how to improve their slow computers performance.

However, this is the exact reason Rahul's PC Optimizer exists. It's designed to make optimizing easy, and care free without having to worry about spending countless hours doing research that's already been done for you by this program!